The Dante Chamber

What secrets lie hidden in THE DANTE CHAMBER?
The incredible answer will shock you. Where it leads to will change everything.

Edgar Holt is in over his head. He owes a lot of money to some violent people who know he can’t pay. Against his better judgement, he is drawn back to the sprawling family home where the remnants of his parents and their glittering Hollywood past shadow his every step. A confrontation that has simmered for years waits there, threatening to destroy everything.

Why has Isaac Holt refused to speak to his brother for over a decade? Only he knows where he has been and what he has done in that time. Now returned to the village of his youth, the younger Holt brother has lost himself in the twisting corridors of the old house. Some of the locals still nurse grudges against the Holt family, and when a young girl disappears, tensions rise once more. Bad blood boils to the surface and brings with it a wave of malice that plunges Edgar into a dizzying world of madness and murder – a descent that will end in the mysterious depths of THE DANTE CHAMBER.

Fall for this year’s most striking psychological thriller – THE DANTE CHAMBER, Alan Power’s exceptional debut novel.

Please note: THE DANTE CHAMBER is meant for you and you alone. Please do not share the stunning climax with others.

All will become clear.
Your eyes will open.


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