When You Can’t Get Enough of ‘It’

It has come to my attention that some of you out there are spending your hard earned money to watch a movie about a clown terrorizing small children. As someone who has clowns at the top of the list of things that creep me out, I cannot begin to fathom why you would voluntarily do such a thing.

However, as a librarian, I know that once you see the movie It, you’ll want to read the book, and once you read the book, you’ll want more books that offer a similarly terrifying reading experience, so I have taken one for the team and compiled a list for you brave readers.

Locus Awards

Are you a fan of science fiction, fantasy, and horror? If so, then check out this list of this year’s Locus Award Winners and Finalists that are in the LPL system. Put your holds on them today!

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Books to Movies 2018

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a book being adapted into a film is guaranteed to become all the rage, so climb aboard the bandwagon for these books before it takes off next year!

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RUSA’s 2017 Reading List

The Reference and User Services Association, or RUSA, puts out an annual list to spotlight the year’s best adult genre fiction in eight categories: Adrenaline, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Romance, and Woman’s Fiction.

Below are the winning and honor titles that are available in the LPL system. For the complete list, visit the RUSA website.

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Looking for some awesome female characters? Give these books a try.

This post is dedicated to the ladies! Some of these female characters are known for their intelligence, some their bravery, others their sparkling wit (and some all three). Some of these characters are role models, and others live their lives firmly in the grey area, but all of them are vibrant, well-developed characters who make their mark in the stories in which they are written.

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